Full text of “The Magic island / by W. B. Seabrook ; illustrated with drawings by I am told that when some years ago “Bank” Williams, the saturnine, cynical. The Magic Island [William Seabrook, Alexander King, George A. Romero, Joe Ollmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best and. He was William Buehler Seabrook, a reporter and Lost Generation writer Though The Magic Island did not represent the first usage in English print of the word.

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william seabrook the magic island But dismiss that, and still I tell you that pure magic was here at william seabrook the magic island, that something very real and fearful was occurring. A proces- sion was formed to the houmfort. My knowledge of creole is practical and fairly thorough, but I could not follow him. Into this little temple lost among the mountains came in answer to goat- cry girl-cry the Shaggy Immortal One of a thousand names whom the Greeks called Pan. He married Marjorie Muir Worthington in France, inafter they had returned from a trip to Africa on which Seabrook was researching a book.

The Magic Island by William B. The author’s West Indian mail boat lay at anchor in a tropical green gulf.

Yet when he had finished, he deigned to notice us. And as she sought finally to tear off its head, sought to clutch william seabrook the magic island body between her knees, it attacked her savagely, beat- ing her face and breasts, beating at her so that she was at moments enfolded by the great white wings, so that bird and woman seemed to mingle struggling in a monstrous, mythical embrace.

The things he wanted to do, he did without being ordered, and they were many. This william seabrook the magic island not Voodoo, nor was it religious. I realized my danger almost too late.

The Magic Island

I sometimes lent a hand with them in the fields, if green checker-board squares tilted at an angle of forty-five degrees ean properly be called fields ; and in the evenings I sat with the rest of the circle while Papa Theo- dore asked riddles, or told tales of how a wily little negro named Ti Malice, a favorite character in all their fables, had locked up Gros Bouqui in the potato garden, william seabrook the magic island how he saved his own skin at the expense of Bouqui when they fell among cannibals.

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I believe that through my Druse and Yezidee ac- counts I have earned a deserved reputation for being not too credulous in the face of marvels. The narrow oblong room was bare except for a common table with a red and white checkered tablecloth on which were laid skulls, bones, a shovel, a pick-ax; william seabrook the magic island was a wooden cross painted like a totem pole, wreathed by a feather boa.

Next day there was feasting on the bodies of the slain beasts, barbecued whole, or cut up and william seabrook the magic island in iron pots.

By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. And now farewell, Maman Celie. Only william seabrook the magic island thing remained to be done, and it seemed a mere courteous formality. Then both lay prostrate before him and kissed his feet.

But it was Louis who had set my feet in it. The bull had become a god or the symbol of a god. Next they kneel, and taking two stones from a grave, knock them together to awaken Baron 2 See Appendix, page Parts of many cakes were crumbled together in a little cup and were put into my mouth with a spoon; likewise were mingled a few drops from each of the many bottles.

When we first entered the houitifort, crowding in as m. The book, Asylumbecame another best-seller.

It was impossible to retain them islnd in memory. The circles, it was afterward explained to me, represented, from I left to right, earth, sky, and sea.

But the ouanga packet they were now preparing to make for me was to be bright-colored, friendly and protective, and for those very reasons I found it more difficult to view it seriously, to separate it from obvious elements which were merely superstition.

They gave me coffee and I sat smoking, while they went about their occasions. It was a dreary night, and not yet dawn. Seabrook writes about his experience of cannibalism in his novel, Jungle Ways ; however, later on Seabrook admits the tribe did not allow him to join in willian the ritualistic cannibalism. She whimpered and sobbed, hugging Louis, as old william seabrook the magic island do, but not excessively.

Holly had no intention of accompanying me. While the IMDb says only: Since william seabrook the magic island coming of the American administration he has felt, ispand cause of his professional position, that he must forego being present at even technical infractions of the legal prohibi- tion against sortilege. Trivia About The Magic Island.


William Seabrook – Wikipedia

All in all fascinating bit of pop-cultural, if not exactly ethnographic or anthropological, history. Maman Celie and I sat on one side in the circle, Papa Theodore facing us. With The Magic IslandSeabrook provided information for a number of pulp writers — especially in the weird menace genre.

If a bull will suffice, behold it. They have therefore william seabrook the magic island horror and blasphemy and demanded that the houmforts be burned, never understanding that the crucifix transplanted to the Voodoo altar is reverenced and held sacred there as it was in the cathedral. Nor was this surprising. But Louis put me first.

William Seabrook

From this swirling, milling ceremony william seabrook the magic island purification, figures leaped out dancing and screaming maguc here and there in the crown a still higher, shriller, more unearthly shriek announced the pentecostal, invisible, yet flame-like descent of the lois, spirits of the gods and william seabrook the magic island the mysteres, entering the bodies of individual dancers.

Then he lifted the bowl, hesitated for a queer instant as if in courteous doubt — it was a strange, trivial thing to occur at such a moment — and then picked up a clean spoon. Barring the doorsill were two crossed machetes, their broad, naked blades in- scribed with white chalk symbols, the swirling serpent, the phallic staff, the enmeshed triangles.

They islanr toss the acacia leaves toward him and say: This is not a definitive text or ev I have read a number of editions of this book. Seabrook and his various adventures upon the island. Time passed, and nothing happened.

He leaned over and put his hand in protest on my knee. Wiliam all charms of every sort in Haiti, it was called a ouanga. As if sleep-walking still, the william seabrook the magic island in ragged overalls slowly approached our dinner table.