17, Brindaban Mullick 1st Lane Calcutta-9 1st January, I N. C. Lahiri EPHEMERIS Planets: Date Mars Mars on 15th Jupiter Saturn Hcrache. Results 1 – 19 of 19 Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau. Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau, – Ephemerides .

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The Siddhantic calculations are given hero to help examination of calendars of earlier years. Sarvari International Shipping at nc lahiri ephemeris shipping prices! As regards the outer planets Jupiter to Pluto, nc lahiri ephemeris latitude and also declination can be roughly obtained directly according to the Nirayana longitude of the planet from the table given on the next page.

In the case of Siddhantic calculation, however, no such additional correction is necessary. A [ A Corr. The days of week recur regularly after every 28 years nc lahiri ephemeris tne period lrom ephemefis March to 28th February A.

Sun — For The portions of the zodiac from the point a to 6 and. But here the calculation is shown according to the method given on pages nc lahiri ephemeris and In Orissa and Punjab the first day of the month falls on the day nc lahiri ephemeris transit sunrise to next sunrise. The days are the Kali elapBed days at 24 h midnight of the data.

The year begins on Mar. T 1 for the dates of different solar transits. Date Middle of eclps. Bakahafla 75 3 For this purpose very precise values of longitudes are however not necessary. Krodlnn 64 24 O 10 15 0 25 5 June 0 Mon.

Tiny 1 14 24p July 23 15 Nov. The variations of Mean Moon and of the two arguments are given below for certain periods, by the application of which the corresponding figures for other epochs may be obtainod as in the case of the Sun. Fort his purpose the sunset rule is observed nc lahiri ephemeris Tamil Nadu, ghatika rule in Kerala and sunrise rule nc lahiri ephemeris Orissa and Punjab.


Phalguni 12 Dhruva 11 16 40 26 U. When the declination is required to be determined with greater accuracy then a slightly lesser value of latitude, known as reduced latitudeis to be applied to the declination of place.


Correction for years The following correction is to be applied to the degree of Ascendant for different years.

When the value of A 0 exceec tbe period of 9 days, the period is to be subtracted from it. Many students are in need of the values of different nc lahiri ephemeris of the lunar equation by which the mean moon is corrected to get the true moon.

The superior planets remain retrograde near the time of oppo- sition, i. Hemalaraba 57 17 While making the addition, it is to be done algebraically nc lahiri ephemeris into account the sign of both.

Full text of “Advance Ephemeris”

The times thus obtained are L. Longitude of Mercury by the detailed method. Monday to Saturday 9. The detailed method of calculation nc lahiri ephemeris the ending moment of tithi, naksliatra and yoga directly or by using the logarithmic tables is also a long needed addition.

Thus the motion obtained from the given figures is for 15 days during the first half of the month, and for 13 days, 14 days, 15 days or 16 days during the nc lahiri ephemeris half. Mean Nc lahiri ephemeris and Arguments The figures for the day of the month are to be added to the values given for the zero-date of lairi month.


Hard Bound 3 Paper Back Virndhakrit 71 3 6. Raudra When it is less than the figure given in the table, then subtract it from the given figure.

For Yoga find Moon plus Sun. The days are the Kali elapsed days at24h midnight of the date. Nc lahiri ephemeris time obtained need some further small correction as given below.

Astro Research Bureau, Kolkata | Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions.

Condensed Ephemeris Part 8a From To Here hour is measured from A. The months of this calendar, like all other indigenous calendars, have got variable number of days and ephemefis beginning dates of months also vary from year to year as shown below: Nakshatra and Yoga -The Nakshatra for the moment is to labiri determined from the longitude of Moon nc lahiri ephemeris Yoga from the longitude of Moon plus Sun utilising the table below.

Negative sign is to be taken when nc lahiri ephemeris original value of K is in the 1st or 3rd quadrant and positive sign for the 2nd nc lahiri ephemeris 4th quadrant. The author would consider his labours amply rewarded if the readers can derive some benefit from this book.

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Mercury and Venus rise and set both in the West western nc lahiri ephemeris and in the East eastern horizon. Weekday— The weekdays recur regularly after a period of 28 years in the Standard Ephemerus. For Mercury the figures are given in the table for Jan. Kudhirndcari 83 4; Then find the declination accor- ding to this tropical longitude from the table given for Sun, which ephemerus be called the declination of place.

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