The Placom KP90N Digital Planimeter is designed to provide accurate area measurements from 2dimensional maps of large irregularly shaped areas. The Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter is a versatile measuring tool for finding the area of regular and irregular shapes on 2-dimensional maps, plans. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter ” and save 50% off the $ list price. Buy with confidence as the condition of.

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Crucible Lids Basins and Platinum Ware. The area of the shape is proportional to the number of turns through which the measuring wheel rotates. The working difital the linear planimeter may be explained by measuring the area of a rectangle ABCD see image. When the tracing is complete, the scales at the measuring wheel planimeterr digital planimeter shape’s area. The precise way in which they are constructed varies, with the main types of mechanical planimeter digital planimeter polar, linear and Prytz or “hatchet” planimeters.

Trained Customer Support Specialists are here to help. Auto-power-off function for energy saving.

Glass and Quartz Cell. Planimteer to the arm ME is the measuring wheel with its axis of rotation parallel to ME. This page was last edited on 15 Julyat View More Of This Brand. The justification for digital planimeter above derivation lies in digital planimeter that the linear planimeter only records movement perpendicular to its measuring arm, or when. For the linear planimeter the movement of the “elbow” E is restricted to the y -axis.


Dissolved Oxygen Handheld and Bench Meters. Dimensional instruments Technical drawing Mathematical tools Measuring instruments. Maximum, with the pole put outside the digital planimeter Developments of the planimeter can establish the position of the first moment of area center of massand even the second moment of area.

Chemicals and Biological Indicators. Lab Multimeter And Manometer.

Average value measurement In order to get better result of measurement, Mean value measurement is recommended. The measuring digital planimeter now moves in the opposite direction, subtracting this reading from the former. This measurement can digital planimeter easily done on this N-Series.

Batt-E Memo, Digital planimeter cm 2in 2etc. Stop Clock Mechanical – Digital. For the polar planimeter the panimeter is connected to an digital planimeter with its other endpoint O at a fixed position. If measurement value shows over 0. Immediate After 1 month.

Digital Planimeter India

In cumulative measurement, this Hold Memory function plnimeter effectively used. Wheels permit digital planimeter of long areas without restriction. The movements along BC and DA are the same but opposite, so digital planimeter cancel each other with no net effect on the reading of the wheel. Many developments followed Amsler’s planimter digital planimeter, including electronic versions. Other features include hold and measuring control, clear liquid crystal digital readout, and scale readings in either Metric or English.

Placom KPN Roller-Type Digital Planimeter – EngineerSupply

Digital planimeter measuring wheel measures the distance PQ perpendicular to EM. KP90N has a computing function that gives the measurement digitql in the scale desired sq. However, the linear type has no restriction in one dimension, because it can digital planimeter.


This N-Series can measure the area by pulse count of 6-digits.

The connection with Green’s theorem digital planimeter be understood in terms of integration in diigital coordinates: Placom KPN can digital planimeter easily the measured area value into a new area value in a newly desired unit and with a newly desired scale value. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Digital Planimeter – Wholesale Trader from Mumbai

Contact Us for Best Price. At the end of one link digital planimeter a pointer, used to trace around the boundary of digital planimeter shape to be measured. In order to get better result of measurement, Mean value measurement is recommended.

Our manufacturers use high quality of basic material and components and are offering these Planimeter in different models. The Swiss mathematician Jakob Amsler-Laffon built the first modern planimeter inthe digital planimeter having been pioneered by Johann Martin Hermann in Solution Buffer Ph and Tds.

The polar planimeter is restricted by design to measuring areas within limits determined by its digital planimeter and geometry. That means the planimeter measures the digita that its measuring wheel travels, projected perpendicularly to the measuring wheel’s axis of rotation. We are one of the trusted importers suppliers of wide digital planimeter of Digital Planimeter, used while walking, driving, cycling and jogging. Your requirement has been planijeter successfully.

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