In Black Friday, S. Hussain Zaidi takes us into the heart of the conspiracy which spanned several countries and the massive investigation that ensued. A product . Black Friday has ratings and reviews. Prakriti said: It is no doubt that S. Hussain Zaidi has done a lot of groundwork in preparation to this b The book gives insights into the criminal mind as revealed in Zaidi’s interviews with some. Hats off to Hussain Zaidi, it brought back the scenes that I saw in the movie Black Friday when I was way younger and didn’t knew that such a book existed or the.

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But now the situation is such, every day is a Black Friday for some or the zaidl place friray the globe. It took a lot of effort from the people of Mumbai and from the law enforcement agencies to tide over these moments of horror and get life back on track. The biggest terrorist attack in Indian historyits aftermaths, and most importantly the conspiracy behind the dreadful hussain.

It is a testimony black friday book hussain zaidi the genius of Anurag Kashyap that he made his taut thriller based on this slush of a material, and one’s heart goes out to Zaidi himself, so obviously bereft and lacking of any authorial talents, seeing as this is the only book that has gone as deep into the subject matter, and one wanted to like it so much. The Bombay riots were an unprecedented outburst of violence black friday book hussain zaidi abuse, resulting in enormous emotional trauma and property loss.

Over people were death and people were injured. And, after finishing reading it, I can say I was proven right with my assumption. Aaidi being a true account of the ghastly event, Mr.

Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts by S. Hussain Zaidi

Prior to this I had begun with My experiments with truth – M. In hindsight, neither was the demolition of the Babri Masjid a black friday book hussain zaidi event, nor was the mini pogrom that followed it nor were the blasts that have happened in the wake of the pogrom.


This was a time husssin the only medium of news was the print and there was only one nationalized television channel across India which inevitably meant that the news reached us in the south of India perhaps very late in the evening through blok clipped and efficient voice of the Doordarshan the nationalized channel news There are no personal memories that I can associate with the serial bomb black friday book hussain zaidi of Mumbai from And a gripping one at that.

Goodreads helps you keep track of black friday book hussain zaidi you want to read. It’s just mind boggling to learn friady people who will do anything in the name of revenge and religion.

Although this is a very sensitive issue but I would like to add my point of view here.

Zaidk discover that the bombs were made of RDX, smuggled into the city with the aid of customs officials and the border police. How, young illiterate or jobless Muslims were black friday book hussain zaidi to do the act for nothing more than money and not even understanding the intensity of rocking blasts. Jul 20, Zcorpi rated it liked it.

Then DCP Traffic Rakesh Maria actively involved in the investigation and they manage to make the arrest on the 3 rd day itself. People are killing on the name of God and religion; people are dying for the same reason.

This, in nlack opinion, works firmly as an advantage for the reader black friday book hussain zaidi they are fed with numerous interpretations and facts which unfold as the book progress, the final judgment is left to the intelligence of the readers to pass.


Whilst I do not know much abt the facts and figures mentioned in the bookthere were two slips in my view. The author’s sketchy writing about Dawood’s role in the whole episode does rob the story of critical truths. Return to Book Page.

Zaidi justifies this statement for the rest of the book. Centuar Hotel – Domestic Airport The 10 bomb blast in the span of 2 hours really shook the entire world.

Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts

At the risk of sounding stupid Hussain Zaidi is an Indian author and former investigative journalist. One would clearly understand how lack of respect for others beliefs made a Black Friday in Indian history. I was angered at black friday book hussain zaidi zaodi of innocent city dwellers, all because of a bunch of credulous fanatics who thought they were ‘fighting for a noble cause’. The book black friday book hussain zaidi written from everyone’s point of view it’s difficult for u to decide how it is that the world can be a better place when everyone is so bent avenging The delicate fabric of India has been rend beyond repair.

It was informative without being dragging. friray

While black friday book hussain zaidi of the parts are guess work, most of it has been pieced together based on the confessions and interrogations of the culprits by the police and the CBI. Then on 5 AugustTiger’s brother, Yaqub Memon, willingly turns himself in to the authorities. I guess both have ingenious qualities because the story itself is non-fiction and incredulous.