Astral Dynamics has ratings and 29 reviews. Michael said: Bruce’s book on out-of-body experience is the best I’ve read over the years, and I’ve read. Part One – Elements of Projection. Chapter – Dimensional Theory Chapter – OBE and Perception. Part Two – New Energy Ways. Chapter – Imagination Versus . 1 Nov Astral projection is the classic term for what today is more commonly called out-of -body experience or OBE. In this fascinating volume, Robert.

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This is, naturally, the dimensional level the vast majority of projectors find themselves in when they first project out of body. In some cases, his journeys caused psychical and astral shock. Others, though expertly written, gave some practical applications but no logical theory backing up the author’s assumptions.

Chapter – Preparations for Projection. Let us start by taking a brief look at its structure, starting at its very lowest energetic aspect Bruce’s book on out-of-body experience is the best I’ve read over the years, and I’ve read quite a few.

Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences

The biggest difference between natural sleep projection and conscious-exit projection is the appriach of awake consciousness during the exit. This explains, I think, why most projectors encountered during a real-time projection seem to be wandering aimlessly about, like sleepwalkers, unaware of where astral dynamics a new approach to out-of-body experiences really are or what they are doing. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Over time, he collected and peer-tested his findings in an evolving set of articles, A Treatise on Astral Projectionwhich he later expanded upon substa Robert Bruce is an English-born mystic author living in Perth, Australia.

Because of this, you may notice a distinct lack of references to other written material within this book. Well, the English language and its grammar are not quite up to the task of discussing some of the subject matter within this book, i. I have tried this method on half a dozen people, selected more or less exeriences random, each of whom obtained the desired awareness within secondsl And then, as if the new method of visualization weren’t enough, Robert proceeds to describe the nature and anatomy of our energy bodies, a description firmly rooted in his own personal explorations.

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I started to feel steadily increasing symptoms of nausea and something like physical shock. An understanding of the mind-split effect greatly improves the chances of getting out of body to start with, even for a rank beginner.

If you’d like to know what I thought of this book, please contact me directly and I’d be happy to discuss it with you. The Real-Time Zone I call the nonphysical dimensional level closest to the physical universe the real-time zone. Oct 28, Astral dynamics a new approach to out-of-body experiences Bathroom added dynaamics Shelves: The real-time double contains the experience memories of all of its higher aspects within it.

But it is very difficult to give an easily understandable description that imparts the look and feel of nonphysical dimensions.

If thought words begin, simply release them and bring your attention back to your breathing and stomach movement. A very light trance or near-daydreaming state encourages shadow memories to surface inside the conscious mind where they can become real memories.

Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-of-body Experience – Robert Bruce – Google Books

I see falling asleep and entering the trance state as having the same oht-of-body effect, each causing a type of inner-body projection or energetic reflection of the center of consciousness into the etheric body. I made these freely available to the global Internet community as I wrote them. You will progress more rapidly with body-awareness energy work than you will with any other energy-work system.

It is dimensionally more removed from its physical body, and as a result experiences far less by way of energetic conflicts, tensions, and pressures than the real-time double usually does. They simply feel themselves as having another shape and form, and concentrate on holding their new sense of whole-body self-awareness firmly in mind at all times. It has three main awtral This energetic reception is translated into bioelectrical signals that flow into die sight center of the brain, as per normal sight, where they automatically convert into astral dynamics a new approach to out-of-body experiences visual image in the receivers’ mind’s eye.

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The mind-split leaves no trace or memory of what went wrong if a projection fails. This is the second level of the multileveled, multidimensional conscious-exit projection process. Direct astral feedback is like forcing the human mind to grasp actual infinity — the limitlessness of which no human mind is capable of grasping.

Chapter – The Projectable Double. They have the annoying tendency to become suddenly incoherent and even to fall asleep midsentence. This thwarts the natural learning process, as it does not allow projectors to learn from their failures and thus improve upon their efforts.

Higher-Level Mind-Splits My experience indicates that higher subtle bodies, operating above the astral level, may undergo similar mind-split processes, and have similar properties, as their lower counterparts. The astral body is much more stable than the real-time body and hence is easier to maintain during a conscious astral projection.

The next morning Matt was dynammics excited about his first conscious-exit projection. These conflicts can cause some very peculiar sensations, such as the feeling of expansion often perceived as the sensation of shrinking or falling inward. It I decided to carry dynakics with some energy work and real-time sight experiments.

In a series of constantly updated articles, I realized he was introducing an excitingly astral dynamics a new approach to out-of-body experiences approach to out-of-body projection and astral travel. I think there is enough to deal with just studying the lowest levels of the mind-split and of its effects on OBE and shadow memory storage.