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Test linking quality and integrity of your web-pages for FREE!

This online service will find all broken / dead / bad links on your website and report those in a form very easy to understand and work with. To validate your hyperlinks simply enter your web-site address and click the button below.

URL (e.g.




Webmasters, remember that it's extremely important to ensure that all weblinks in your webpages are always "healthy" and valid, important - from both usability and search engine optimization (SEO) standpoints.

So don't forget to use this or some other good checking tools frequently - to make sure that your users / customers will never get those annoying 404 Page Not Found errors while browsing through your Internet sites !

Don't allow your on-line reputation vanish just because websites your linking to have changed their page names or moved some of their content around. Be proactive: scan your website frequently to ensure that all your weblinks are valid and alive!




LinkChecker is a free online tool that scans websites for linking problems, validates URLs / hyperlinks on HTML pages and detects invalid ones if any.

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